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I regret none of my stupid jokes ;p 

Second part of

Jason’s move is actually a combination of something stupid I did with a lot of conviction in a card game and a story from a game master friend of mine who had a player killing all his friends with a badly thought spell ^^; 

Jason is totally thinking about doing more dumb stuff in the future in that last panel…








If you see something like this, DO NOT CALL AN EXTERMINATOR!

Call a beekeeper, they can relocate the hive instead of killing them. Bees are dying at an alarming rate, please do not contribute to that! They are so important for our ecosystem!

yo fuck this i aint gonna call no beekeeper i’m moving before i’m dead

I’m going to call an exterminator so the exterminator can kill them. I’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that there are less bees in the world.

No bees = no food.

No food = no life.

Congratulations on destroying the world.

Because you seem to not understand that bees pollinate flowers and literally bees are the reason we have food.

Did you guys even watch bee movie

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